Web Design Tips for Small Businesses

web designingIf you run a small business and you’re looking for the perfect web design to bring in new visitors and to turn those visitors into paying customers, then you will need to learn some of the basics of good web design in order to get a handle on what works and what doesn’t.

Web design for small business is largely the same as web design for any other usage but there are some specific requirements that you should keep in mind if your objective is to create new customers and to promote your brand. Read on and we’ll look at some of the best web design tips for the small business to get you started, thanks in large part to our friends over at http://www.bottlerocketcorp.com.

Your Home Page

The most important aspect of a web design for any small business is undoubtedly the home page. This is the first page that any visitors are going to see when they land on your site and as such it is the page that needs to tell your visitors what your site is about and what your business is selling.

design layoutsThis might sound obvious but too many companies will miss this opportunity and will instead just put their logo on the front page and perhaps a blog feed. Remember: people are in a hurry on the web and they need to be informed quickly what it is you’re selling if they’re going to stick around.

The Funnel

A good business web design should be designed like a funnel. That means that everything should be pointing in a single direction and should be geared towards one result. In this case that result is getting your visitors to buy a product or sign up to a mailing list. Make sure that every aspect of your web design and your user interface is in service of this single end objective.

The Branding

web designerBranding is always incredibly important but this is particularly the case for a business site. You want to use your site to strengthen your brand recognition and thus you need to feature your logo/company name front and center while at the same time making sure that your site design is inspired by the colors of your logo etc.


Finally, any business web design needs to be designed with professionalism in mind. It should thus use crisp, high definition images as well as a professional layout and authoritative copy. Don’t cut corners and avoid artistic decisions that undermine the professional feel.


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